Tantrasara – Bhuvaneshvari

Now I pray for the attainment of all blessings to Bhuvaneśvarī,
The cause and Mother of the world,
She whose form is that of the Śabdabrahman, 
And whose substance is bliss.

Thou art the primordial One, 
Mother of countless creatures,
Creatrix of the bodies of the lotus-born,  Viṣṇu and Śiva.
Who creates, preserves, and destroys the three worlds.
O Mother! by hymning Thy praise I purify my speech.

O Mother of the worlds!
Those who have reached that birth amongst men
Which if so difficult to attain,
And in that birth their full faculties,
Yet nathless do not worship Thee,

Such, though having ascended to the top of the stairs,

Nevertheless fall down again.


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